Seeking postdoctoral positions starting in Summer 2025#


As I approach the end of my PhD in Tom Sharpton’s lab, I’m now #OpenToWork. I’m a computational microbial ecologist looking for a postdoctoral research position in clinical/biopharma/biotech/national lab settings to further develop my expertise and contribute to groundbreaking research in microbiome science. I’m currently in Portland, Oregon but also open to relocating nationally or internationally.

Research Interests#

My research interests encompass a broad range of topics within microbiology and gut microbiome studies, including:

  • Microbiome and Host Health: Understanding the intricate relationships between the gut microbiome and host health, with a particular focus on disease prevention and treatment.

  • Environmental Impacts on Microbiomes: Investigating how environmental stressors such as climate change, diet, pathogens, and pollutants affect microbiome stability and resilience.

  • Microbial Ecology: Exploring the dynamics of microbial communities and their adaption in response to environmental changes.

  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Utilizing computational tools and statistical models to analyze microbiome data and develop new methods for microbiome research.

Research Highlights#

Gut Microbiome Stability and Host Health

  • Conducted extensive longitudinal research on how multiple and combined environmental stressors impact gut microbiome stability using the zebrafish model organism.

  • Developed novel system agnostic dynamical microbiome measures (SADMMs) to quantitatively measure temporal microbiome responses to environmental stressors across different microbiome systems and environmental conditions.

Multi-omic Microbiome Analysis

  • Integrated multivariate multi-omic data (16S rRNA gene sequencing, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, and metabolomics) to provide a comprehensive view of the gut microbiome and its functional potential.


I have authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals, showcasing my research findings and contributions to the field of microbiome science. A complete list of my publications can be found here.

Future Directions#

In a postdoctoral research position, I aim to:

  • Expand my research on the gut microbiome stability and its role in supporting host health and mediating disease.

  • Explore new multi-omic methodologies and technologies for microbiome analysis.

  • Collaborate with leading researchers and institutions to drive innovation and discovery in microbiome science.

Contact Information#

If you are interested in discussing potential postdoctoral opportunities, please feel free to contact me at:

  • Email: sielerjm (at) oregonstate (dot) edu

  • LinkedIn

I look forward to connecting and exploring opportunities to contribute to groundbreaking research in the microbiome field.