• Microbiome scientist with 5+ years of experience developing and applying high-throughput molecular, computational, and statistical research methods to analyze 1000’s of zebrafish gut microbiome samples

  • Robust data analytic skills in multivariate statistics and machine learning propel research experiments forward and gain data-driven insights

  • Demonstrated abilities to collaborate and take leadership in cross-laboratory experiments and extra-curricular projects

  • Experienced in written, oral and visual communication across scientific and public audiences


Oregon State University

Ph.D. Microbiology, minor in Biological Data Sciences

Expected 2025

Oregon State University

B.Sc. Bioresource Research, options in Bioinformatics and Genomics



Investigate how environmental factors (diet, pollutants, pathogens, etc.) interact with the gut microbiome to influence host health using the zebrafish model organism.


  • Measure resilience of gut microbiome to chronic exposure of antibiotics (Sieler, in-development)

  • Assess gut microbiome resiliency to anthropological impacts such as temperature and pathogenic exposure (Sieler, in-development)

  • Investigate the joint interaction effects of diet and pathogen exposure on gut microbiome succession (Sieler, in-prep)

  • Measure the effect of nanoplastics on the mouse gut microbial community (Szule 2022)

  • Potential and challenges of deep transfer learning in microbiome science (David 2021)

  • Meta-analysis of zebrafish gut microbiomes phylogeny (Sharpton 2021)

  • Microbial Bioinformatics Hub: information, methods and tools related to analyzing microbiological data

  • The impact of the environmental pollutant Benzo(a)Pyrene on gut microbiomes of juvenile zebrafish (Stagaman, in-development)


  • Programming: R, Python, Git, DADA2, Phyloseq, HTML, CSS, Unix/Linux, C++

  • Bioinformatics: 16S sequencing (DADA2 & Phyloseq), Metagenomics (FastTree & HMMER)

  • Documentation: Sphinx & ReadTheDocs


  • Analytic: data management and analysis, multivariate statistics, machine learning

  • Presentation: oral and written communication, pipeline documentation

  • Project Management: leadership, experimental design, coordination and analysis, cross-laboratory collaboration

  • Other: see more Skills below


MJSieler Consulting - Owner

May 2022-Present


  • Virtual Fish (GitHub)

    • Designed, developed, and deployed educational video game software for clients

    • Educational software used to fulfill grant requirements for communicating scientific research

Tools used:

  • C#, Unity, Git

Awards, Honors & Fellowships#

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Science Communication Fellow

  • Received certified training in informal science education and engagement with public audiences to increase their understanding of STEM research


ARCS Foundation

ARCS Scholar

  • Recognized for my early significant contributions to scientific research, I was awarded the prestigious ARCS Scholar grant ($18,000)



Machine Learning Specialization


  • Introduction to modern machine learning, including supervised and unsupervised learning

  • Supervised and unsupervised machine learning, advanced learning algorithms

  • Use Python to build and train machine and deep learning models

Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp with R


  • Program with R to wrangle, clean, analyze, and visualize data.

  • Apply advanced statistics and machine learning to gain useful insights.



Statistics and Data Analytics:


  • R

  • Python

  • C# (Unity)

  • Git

  • HMTL & CSS

  • C++

  • UNIX/Linux

  • Advanced linear regression

  • Machine learning

  • Model building and testing

  • Big data query

  • Data mining

  • 16S sequencing

  • Metagenomics

  • DADA2

  • Phyloseq

  • Mothur


  • FastTree




  • Zebrafish husbandry

  • Bacterial culturing

  • DNA extraction

  • PCR amplification

  • Gel electrophoresis

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Blender

  • English (native)

  • German (C1, advanced)

  • Spanish (beginner)

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