Virtual Fish#


In collaboration with Dr. Stephen Atkinson (lab website) in the department of Microbiology at Oregon State University, I have been actively developing an educational game called Virtual Fish (GitHub).

Virtual Fish is a tamagotchi-like game where players take care of a fish by feeding it, cleaning its tank, and administering it medicine whenever it gets an infection.

Tools used:

  • C#, Unity (software development)

  • GitHub (version control, game hosting)

Spotify Genre Visualization#


As part of a Data Visualization course taught by Dr. Charlotte Wickham (yes, that Wickham), we were tasked with making an interactive visualization based on a large dataset we found from database.

For my project (RShiny app), I chose a dataset derived from Spotify curated on Kaggle. The dataset contained data on a quarter million songs with over two dozen features per song. The data for these songs needed to be filtered and wrangled. After reducing the data set to a tenth its original size, I transformed and normalized the data to make an interactive heat map.

Tools used:

  • Kaggle (data source)

  • R (data wrangling, visualization)

Microbial Bioinformatics Hub#


Microbial Bioinformatics Hub is an open-source, collaborative space for researchers and students to find, learn and share knowledge, methods and tools related to analyzing microbiological data. You can find the site here.

Tools used:

  • Sphinx and ReadTheDocs (website framework and hosting)

  • Python, HTML and CSS (styling/formatting)

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