Hi there, my name is Michael Sieler. I’m a 4th year PhD Candidate in Microbiology. My research investigating the environmental factors that contribute to gut microbiome stability and human health require that I have a strong background in microbiome ecology, statistics, data science, and bioinformatics programming. I also have experience communicating research to scientific and lay audiences. I’m passionate about teaching and helping others learn, and I’m excited to offer my tutoring services to you!

I offer tutoring services for the following subjects:

  • Programming

  • Statistics and data science

  • Bioinformatics

  • Life sciences

  • Science communication

  • Language learning

Study Subjects#

Below are some of the subjects I offer tutoring services. If you don’t see a subject you’re interested in, please feel free to reach out to me and ask if I can help you with your specific needs.


Statistics and Data Science:


  • R

  • Python

  • C# (Unity)

  • Git

  • HMTL & CSS

  • C++

  • UNIX/Linux

  • Advanced linear regression

  • Machine learning

  • Model building and testing

  • Big data query

  • Data mining

  • 16S sequencing

  • Metagenomics

  • DADA2

  • Phyloseq

  • Mothur


  • Metabolomics

  • Batch Correction Evaluation

  • FastTree

Life Sciences:

Science Communication:

Language Learning:

  • Zebrafish husbandry

  • Bacterial culturing

  • DNA extraction

  • PCR amplification

  • Gel electrophoresis

  • Poster and presentation design

  • Experimental design workflows

  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

  • English (native)

  • German (C1, advanced)

  • Spanish (beginner)

Tutoring Plan#

When we first meet, we’ll discuss a tutoring plan that’s uniquely tailored to your specific needs. I’ll work with you to develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible. I’ll also provide you with resources and materials to help you learn and practice outside of our tutoring sessions.

Hourly Rate#

For tutoring services, I charge a flat rate of $30 per hour. I am happy to offer a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you.

Interested tutoring services?#

If you’re interested in receiving my tutoring services and want to schedule a free consultation, please fill out my tutoring services inquiry form. The form is extensive, but your answers to the questions will help us determine if we’ll be a good fit and how we can efficiently achieve your desired goals. I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Resume & CV#

Resume (one page)


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